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Who is True Romance?

If you’ve been to Lost Boys Pizza you will most likely have been served by me.

I love three things in life, Pizza, Cocktails, and Movies.

Lost Boys Pizza is my love letter to the 80s and the Horror Movies I raised myself on in the back of my big brother’s video store in Liverpool.

True Romance is different.

It’s an ode to growing up in the 90s – neon, trash, Americana – and a healthy dose of Tarantino for good measure.

My name is Pete and I have the best job in the world – I eat pizza for a living!

I scoured New York in search of slices with bottoms like fresh-baked buttery bread, crusts that crunch like crackers, and a rich red sauce that tastes sweet as summer but is sugar-free.

I set about perfecting a recipe for Pizza that will change your life.

I want you to meet big ass pizza by the big ass slice – my True Romance.

See you at the bar,


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